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Mob Mentality

Mob Programming is an efficient way to teach multiple people a new language and needs very few resources.

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Automated Tests for Google Apps Script

What do you do when you're writing Google Spreadsheet extensions in JavaScript, and you want automated tests? Build your own tiny testing framework.

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Find a Credit Union With the NCUA Gem

The NCUA uses asynchronous JSON requests to find a Credit Union. We make a Gem for that.

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Fuzzy Matching with Cosine Similarity

A simple algorithm to tell when things are just a LITTLE different.

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Look Up Your Bank with the FDIC Gem

The FDIC exposed an unpublished JSON API. So we made a ruby gem for it.

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Make t(we)mux Work for You

A bunch of tmux tweaks that made our lives better. Maybe they can make yours better, too! Even YOU can love tmux!

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Using Ruby and Capybara to Scrape

Use every day rubyist tools to scrape websites.

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Our Mission Creek Innovation Awesomeness Adventures Part 1 of 1 (the Saga Begins (and Ends))

A brief peek into the lives of two female techno-adventurists and how we slayed the Clojure dragon and brought prosperity to the Tiger Team with knowledge fr...

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How to Save the Day with Git Remotes

Adding another remote is a good option to get you out of a bind.

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Tidy Your Attributes with TinySweeper

It can be easy to clean up your model attributes.

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CSV Tricks

Ruby has some decent CSV capabilities in its CSV class. I came across two tricks recently that aren’t clearly pointed out in the docs, and don’t really fit t...


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Thinking with Types: Value Objects

Sometimes it’s useful to raise your thinking from the method-level to the object-level. Value Objects are an easy way to practice this.

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Breaking the Build. Breaking the Build.

Compile your assets before your feature specs to avoid timeouts!

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Tactical Refactoring

Refactoring happens in many small steps.

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Two-factor Auth, FTW!

Caveat Emptor

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Remote, Control

About the past. Foreword.

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My Internship Experience - Spencer

My Key Learning Takeaways

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Adventures in RSpec Deprecations

We were going through a bundle upgrade and updated RSpec along the way. Some of our legacy code has some very complex behavior that we’re testing using stubs...

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Automatically Upgrade Ruby 1.8 Hashes

If you have a code base that started before Ruby 1.9, it probably still has some 1.8-style hashes hanging around in there.

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Faster Grepping in Vim

Hat tip to Thoughtbot’s article, Faster Grepping in Vim.

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Recipe: git bisect

Git ships with an awesome, underused utility called git-bisect. I had a bug to track down today that already had a spec, so it was a perfect fit. Normally ...

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An Example of Culture

You see lots of these posts about how culture is most-important, with anecdotes of youthful, energized companies where Everything is Awesome®.

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Great Debugging Tricks

I normally don’t care for sharing slide decks, because so much context is removed, but this one was carefully prepared for virality, and the context-free vac...

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Being Present and Productive

At Continuity, we’re always concerned with being our most productive and happy selves. A few of us have spent some time studying meditation and came across t...