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Helping Save Community Financial Institutions

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About Continuity


Our mission is to help community financial institutions survive and thrive by offering personalized service through compliance experts coupled with our innovative technology to relieve the compliance burden.


Continuity was founded in 2008 by distinguished technology, banking, and compliance specialists. Combining their expertise with decades of experience, directly impacted by regulators in the banking industry, enabled them to create the solution they’d always envisioned. Together they built a systemic method that provides community financial institution executives with a smarter approach to managing compliance.


We are a financial technology company, but our unique approach makes us much more than a software vendor. Continuity’s solution effectively reduces the resources spent on compliance, ensures that your institution meets regulatory muster and insulates you from the cost of regulatory changes.


Our dynamic team and groundbreaking technology is up to any challenge, but we’ll let our notable credentials speak for us. Having changed the information security industry with security-in-the-cloud in the late ’90s, we’re now tackling compliance. Since we started, we’ve taken Best Value/ROI at the Financial Technology Insight Summit, were recognized as one of the 5 most interesting companies in financial services at FinovateSpring 2010 and were honored to be selected by Bank Technology News among the “10 Tech Companies to Watch.”